Monday, 15 August 2016

Fundraiser Yard Sale

As some of you know, private adoption is not cheap and for some odd reason, we don't have $15,000-$20,000 just sitting around waiting to be used. We obviously plan to cover as much as we can ourselves and have started saving and working on being more frugal, but we also plan to fundraise to help us out with costs.

There are a few fundraiser ideas rolling around in my head that I hope to put into motion over the next few months but we decided to start off strong and so our kick off fundraiser is an end of summer yard sale!

We have been working on the details for a few weeks now and have been collecting donations from friends and family, as well as raiding our own home. It's planned for August 27th and we are keeping our fingers crossed for good weather. Everything seems to be coming together smoothly and I hope it continues to do so. I've never organized a fundraiser before and I hope I'm doing everything right!

We are accepting donations until Friday, August 26th and are still looking for some volunteers to help with preparation for and the actual day of. If anyone is interested in giving us a hand, let us know!


  1. You are very organized :) If I lived closer I would be more than happy to help. I will be thinking of you guys on the 27th.

  2. Good luck guys. I think the yard sale is a great idea. I hope you guys are able to collect the amount required soon and give a child a loving home.