Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Yard Sale Preparations

The crunch is on, our first big fundraiser is only days away and I'm beginning to feel the stress! It's actually harder than I thought to pull a yard sale together, which is silly since everyone warned me it wasn't easy. Thankfully we have super generous friends and family and even strangers who have been donating lots of stuff for us to sell. We started with one small room at our church and have since expanded out into another room.

These pictures don't even do it justice, since I couldn't get a panorama shot and there is more stuff than what is shown here. But you get the idea, tons of stuff that will hopefully sell and raise us money for our adoption!

My friend Kristy visited me for a girls weekend last week and we spent most of it working our butts off baking cookies for the refreshment stand and making signs for the road. We made 24 dozen cookies and 8 signs, which took probably a total of 7 hours. At least we could watch TV while making the signs though.

I've been picking up donations from people,organizing volunteers and sorting through boxes for the last few days and still have so much left to do. Good thing we have some amazing friends who are there to support us along the way and don't mind donating their time and talents to making this event a success.

I will be back next week to write another post on how everything went and share more pictures, but until then, you can find me buried under boxes sorting through stuff while listening to Young House Love Has A Podcast.