Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Yard Sale Success!

Our kick off adoption fundraiser, a huge yard sale, was held last weekend and it went way better than we could have imagined. Like, way way better. We were hoping to get maybe $1,000 and instead we ended up bringing in $1,815! Can we just take a moment to let that sink in and appreciate how blessed we are?

The prep for the yard sale was more work than I could have possibly imagined, mostly because we got way more donations that I had expected. We had over 30 people make donations to our event, mostly church family and friends but even strangers were giving us stuff to sell. It was incredible and I was floored by how much stuff we had.

The basement full of stuff
My sister-in-law Trish was superwoman leading up to the event and came to the church and helped me sort through things for two days straight, and then returned for the day of and helped for 10 hours. Plus, she did this with 3 kids in tow. If it weren't for her, there was no way I could have gotten through all the boxes and there would have been way more crying involved. Instead, we laughed and sighed and worked and worked and worked and were actually ready come Saturday morning. Thanks a bajillion Trish.

Can you find me in the above picture? 
We were so lucky to have a beautiful day for the sale and it was crazy busy. We had eight volunteers helping us put stuff out, set stuff up and then sell things. Plus, we had a pretty sweet refreshment table with cookies, lemonade and coffee.

Refreshment stand volunteers
The sale officially started at 8:00am but people started showing up shortly after 6:00am once we had some things out. From that point on, we had a steady flow of traffic all the way until it ended at 2:00pm, although there were a few lulls come midday. We sold a ton but still had two trailers full of leftovers that we donated to a local Christian day camp. Once again, people were so generous and we couldn't have done it without them.

Dan and I feel super loved and can't thank people enough for their donations, their help and their support as we kicked off our adoption fundraisers with a super successful event. We are so encouraged and are excited to keep going, each step bringing us closer to our child. 


  1. So awesome! I'm pretty excited for you guys. :) And I'll have to look again because I can't find you in the above pic!

    1. Thanks! We were thrilled that it went so well. It would have been sad to put so much work into something that didn't go well. And yes, look again, I'm in that picture!

  2. What a yard sale! So glad it was a sucess!

    1. Thanks! It really was huge, we had no idea we would get so much stuff!

  3. so glad to hear it was such a success!!