Our Infertility Journey

Dan and I started our journey to a family in June 2010, when we decided to stop birth control and start trying to get pregnant. As you can imagine, this part of life didn't go as planned.

June 2010 - Started trying to get pregnant
July 2010 - Got a positive test!
August 2010 - Found out we were pregnant with twins and then had our first miscarriage at 9 weeks
December 2010 - Started trying again
January 2011 - Got our second positive test
February 2011 - Had our second miscarriage at 9 weeks
Took an 18 month break from trying due to health problems that turned out to be food intolerances
August 2012 - Started trying again
July 2013 - Started some basic fertility testing
August 2013 - Found out we were pregnant again!
September 2013 - Had our third miscarriage at 9 weeks
January 2014 - Referred to a fertility clinic and started more in depth testing
May-September 2014 - Tried on our own unsuccessfully
January 2015 - First treatment cycle with letrozole and timed intercourse
February 2015 - Second treatment cycle with letrozole and IUI
May 2015 - Third treatment cycle with clomid and timed intercourse
September 2015 - Fourth treatment cycle with clomid and IUI
October 2015 - Fifth treatment cycle with injectables (gonalF & orgulatran) and IUI
October 2015 - Found out we were pregnant
November 2015 - Had our fourth miscarriage at 5 weeks

We decided in November 2015 that we were done trying to get pregnant and began the process of letting go of our dream to have a biological child.

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  1. oh my gosh... Jenni you guys have faced so much... extra prayers for this exciting new adventure, thank you for sharing it with us all!